They Spoke To Her

They spoke to her
Concern in their voices
“You look gaunt, you are drained.
Stop plunging yourself deeper into darkness.”
Their eyes filled with deep sadness
On the verge of tears that could flood a whole nation
It became apparent that
Days upon days
Weeks upon weeks
She spiralled out of control
Destroying everything in her wake
Seducing negative energy to embrace her in her entirety
With every act of self harm
She plunged deeper and deeper
Into the depths of no return for the sane
With every act of self harm
She invited guests with bad energies
Polluted her innocent mind
Corrupted her ideals
Fed her poisonous ideals
These guests sure made her think Poison was the elixir of life itself.

Days upon days
Weeks upon weeks
Her spiral into darkness took over her
Consumed her
Muddled her thoughts
Twisted her perceptions
Made darkness an acceptable state of being
Made her find comfort in misery Embraced its piercing stabs of pain
Cloaked herself in the false comfort of painful misery.

They with concern in their voices
Pleaded with her
Begged for her
To see the trail of destruction
She has induced in her wake
They with tears in their eyes
Held her hands
Coaxed her to let go of misery
Filled her mind with stories of happiness and positive energies
They sure expended great energies
Pulling her out of her world of darkness
Resist their attempts, she did
She found comfort and solace in misery
Why couldn’t they understand that? She reasoned with them
They begged
“Please come back to happiness and let it embrace you in your entirety. The light in your eyes is fading slowly with every passing day,” they pleaded, as a last attempt to get her to see the light of happiness.

Just as they were about to throw in the towel, she replied,
“It’s time I immersed myself in happiness and allowed joy to flood my being.”

And so twas the beginning of a new path.

©2017. Sakhile Mogale
Title : Solace in misery

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