In The Midst of Destruction, You Are Peace

In the midst of destruction
Turbulent whirlwinds
Angry winds
Rocky landscapes
Stormy seas
There you were
The epitome of
peace and serenity,
In the wake of
around you.
Like an oasis
In scary desert
Your presence
quenched my thirst
like the greedy drinker
that I am.
I desperately
embroiled myself
in your essence.
I too wanted
the calm you possess,
the peace you embody
so effortlessly.
I too yearned
for your deep
with the world
around you.
I too desired
the interconnectedness
you share
with your surroundings.
The calm within
the storm,
you are.
Dare I revere
the spirit
you are,
your sheer radiance
emanating from
deep embers of
enlightened fires.
Dare I embrace
the ethos you
dangle like candy
to gleeful 5 year olds
with promises
of utopian
beautiful ideals
on the other side
of candy-coated dreams.

In the midst of destruction
chaotic eruptions
corrupted foundations
There you were
silently watching
the hustle-bustle
chaining the rest of us
to a life of meager wages,
a carrot dangling
infested world.
Your disturbing
in the midst of
a species
reeking of
capitalist gains.
Do you pity us?
Those of us who
cling onto you
like you are the
elixir of life?
Do you desire
to enlighten
our foggy minds
about your permanent
state of peace,
deep interconnectedness,
passion-induced designs,
of the music you create
with deft, beautifully
calloused hands?
Take pity in us
Show us your ways
Teach us your language
So that we too
Can speak in unison
Steel ourselves
Sharpen our knives
Prepare ourselves
To be the forces
of calm and serenity
in the midst of
turbulent landscapes.

In the midst of destruction
We too
your haven
of peace.

© 2017. Sakhile Mogale
Title : In the midst of destruction, you are peace

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