Splash your ink – Introduction

This is a platform where the ink gets messy and the paper gets blotched with different splatters. This is the platform to use when you have something to say. Let others read it,  hear it (please send us an audio), see it (please send us a video) and resonate with it.

This is where you get to send us thought – provoking pieces that will change the way people perceive things.

Let it all out. Speak from the heart. Spill your ink on this platform. Whether you have a thought-provoking article, poem, or any other thought piece, you are beautifully welcome here.

Our slogan Enlighten. Create. Ignite is about putting the spark in anything one does and taking it further by exploring the potential further afield.

This is your platform to establish yourself as a creative and flourish. Let others know who you are and what your thoughts represent.

Splash your ink! Announce your presence! Write away like crazy and send us your work to splash on this platform.


Channels to send your work :

Email: info@enlightenedc.com

Facebook: @enlightenedcore

Twitter : @enlightenedcore

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