Who We Are

Enlightened Core is a poetry-centric and creative driven company that seeks to elevate the art of poetry and writing to the next level.  We are THE company for creatives. Think about us like this : A company for the creatives, by the creatives, with the aim of elevating the status of creative-centric careers such as poetry and writing to the next level.

Our ultimate aim with poetry and writing is to elevate both arts to mainstream status, to the point where platforms for poetry and writing will be as readily available and accessible as conventional careers like Engineering and Medicine.

What we ask for, dear creatives, is to work with us to build this empire and make this dream come true and pace a way for the future generations. It starts with us. Let us elevate poetry to mainstream status. Let us elevate writing to be a discipline that held in high regard. Let us elevate the creativity stream to be on part with other disciplines. We can do this!

Our slogan Enlighten. Create. Ignite is about unleashing the potential within you and using that potential to make an impact in the lives of others. When you Enlighten, you open up a space for creativity to flow in your life. When you Create, you produce works of genius that others can enjoy and be impacted by. When you Ignite, you open up possibilities for a path of greatness by igniting your presence and being a force for good in the lives of others.

At Enlightened Core we say Enlighten. Create. Ignite poetry and the creative genres.